Bring Junior Guerrero to Canada as a skilled worker

Junior's story

Junior is looking for a job in Canada so he can create a better life for his family. This is his story.

Wilman Antonio Guerrero Ortega, a.k.a. Junior Guerrero, was born in the little village of Fundacion Magdalena in the middle of a Colombian Civil war. The middle child of five siblings, he lived in a shack made of branches, paper and plastic. “It was fine for me. I was a kid,” he says. But, from day one, he found himself facing an uphill battle.


Experienced, dependable and hard working construction labourer and heavy machinery operator.

Skilled at operating a range of heavy equipment, including excavators, skid steer, backhoe loader and vibratory steel compactor. Excels in a fast-paced environment and works to complete projects efficiently and quickly. Excellent equipment care and preventative maintenance practices.

Junior needs an employer to hire him and help him come to Canada. You can make this dream a reality! Plus you will be hiring the best member your team ever had.

Key Skills

Heavy Equipment

I can operate excavator, 12, 15, 20 tons, ; skid steer, backhoe-loader, vibratory soil compactor, and more! You should see my lubrication practices and special attention to preventative maintenance.


Lifting, loading, laying tiles and concrete floors, brick and stone construction. I can spot weld, pour concrete, install drywall, resurface, apply stucco. And that's not all!

Soft skills

I am an exceptional problem solver, a fast learner, and a great communicator with brilliant people skills. I get real joy out of successfully completing a job for a satisfied boss or client.


Junior is one of the smartest, coolest, and greatest people I have met. You would be privileged to have him on your team.

Elizabeth Bromstein, Walk Like a Refugee

Junior is a joy to work with. He's driven, personable, hard working and has his eye on the finish line. Any company would by lucky to have him.

David Jager, University of Toronto